mySurety Access Agreement

Access to the mySurety application data and information (the "mySurety Services") of Great American Insurance Company (the "Company") is restricted to persons who have received individual user identification names and passwords assigned by the Company. To obtain access to the mySurety Services, you must indicate your agreement to the terms of use stated herein, as well as the attached Legal Notice and Privacy Statement (see links), by selecting the "Agree" button below.

Each time you enter your assigned user identification name ("User ID") and password ("Password") in the Login box and gain access to the mySurety Services, you are agreeing to the Company's stated terms of use, which the Company may amend from time to time without specific notice to you, and you (the "User") are acknowledging that your access to and use of the mySurety Services is expressly conditioned upon your compliance with these stated terms of use:

1. Company is the absolute owner of the mySurety the license for the Services provided, as well as the User IDs and Passwords used to access the mySurety Services. User's permitted use of an assigned User ID, Password and the mySurety Services does not create or imply any lien, interest or right therein on the part of User. The assigned User ID and Password are not transferable.

2. User agrees to use any information accessed via the mySurety Services only for the purposes of administration and servicing of insurance policies [bonds] written by the Company. User may not copy, redistribute, use or publish any content, graphic image, form or document accessed via the mySurety Services for any other purpose.

3. User acknowledges that the mySurety Services include Company proprietary and/or confidential information and personally identifiable information of customers of the Company. User agrees to preserve and protect the confidentiality of all such information, and to also comply fully with all federal and state laws and regulations governing the collection and use of the non-public financial and medical information ("Privacy Laws") of the consumers of Company. User specifically agrees not to disclose, copy, redistribute, use or publish any non-public personal information that User may obtain through access to the mySurety Services, except as allowed under the Company’s stated terms and as permitted by applicable Privacy Laws.

4. Company has made every effort to ensure the accuracy of the data and information provided via the mySurety Services, however, it does not warrant or guarantee the accuracy thereof. Company specifically disclaims any liability for any loss, damage or expense incurred by User as a result of (a) any actual or alleged mistakes, errors or omissions in the information or data supplied via the mySurety Services; or (b) any delays, interruptions or other problems interfering with delivery of the mySurety Services data or information stream.

5. User agrees to indemnify and hold Company harmless from any loss, damage or expense, including attorney fees, incurred by Company as a result of (a) User's misuse of the User ID, Password, or mySurety Services; or (b) User's breach of any of the Company’s stated terms.

To indicate that you agree to abide by the terms of use stated in the paragraphs above, proceed to Login and select the button below labeled "Agree". If you do not agree to abide by such terms of use, select the button below labeled "Disagree" to terminate the Login procedure.